Zoey Dollaz and Blac Youngsta Drop "From the Mud"

AllHipHop Staff

Directed by Yung Mik3, Zoey Dollaz and Blac Youngsta take fans on a rap journey that started from the bottom or rather, "From the Mud." According to Zoey, "This song represents all the struggles that I went through and overcame in my life. When I say I got this "From The Mud", I really mean that my success comes from the ground up. It wasn't easy and it wasn't given to me. I had to earn my way here to this point and I still think I've got a lot more to earn. So therefore, I remain grounded and humble regardless of all my successes. My ambition far exceeds my current status. I have way more goals to accomplish and achieve. This song is simply my way of saying to everyone, you can have whatever you desire if you are willing to earn it "From The Mud" without taking shortcuts." Check out the full-length video below.