“Zoolander 2” new remix of “RELAX”, featuring A$AP Rocky

As we’ve said in regards to the movie “Zoolander 2” which opened nationwide yesterday, February 12, 2016, just in time for Valentine’s Day weekend

, they’ve pulled out all of the stops when it comes to extra content to go with this second comedic take on the Zoolander and Hansel view of the wide world of modeling.

Seeing as All Hip Hop is always looking out for anything that falls under our purview when it comes to music, when we saw that “Zoolander 2” had a remix of “Relax,” the debut single by Frankie Goes To Hollywood that was originally released in the United Kingdom by ZTT records in 1983 to epic success, we had to check out the ” Zoolander 2″ redo and bring it straight to you. As is always the case, a little Hip Hop flavor goes a long way in making all things better, so it is no wonder that this remix features A$AP Rocky bringing his flow. If you go to see the actual movie in theaters, you can actually see A$AP Rocky doing his thing for a minute as part of the “Zoolander 2″ end credit roll.

We would love to show you that end credit roll footage right here, but for many reasons that would involve lawyers galore, we just can’t. However, what we can do is give you a little taste of what it’s all about via Evil DJ of ” Zoolander 2″ spinning the remix, which we’ve got right here:

So you be the judge – A$AP Rocky, is he in, or is he out on this one? Heidi Klum wouldn’t hold back, so neither should you.