Buckeey Breaks Silence On Sex Tape

Former Flavor of Love Season 2 and Charm School standout Buckeey has broken her silence about her leaked sex tape, which was distributed throughout the internet in June.

In an exclusive interview, Buckeey, real name Shay Johnson, is steadfast in stating the tape’s distribution was done without her permission, and she had no intention of using it for publicity as some have claimed.

“It troubled me to find out my intimate act of love was classified as a sex tape. I didn’t speak on it because I knew how tender the situation was between me and my partner,” Buckeey revealed to AllHipHop.com. “I didn’t want to point fingers at anyone or come out with any names because it was then and still is very much my personal business.”

Buckeey gained notoriety as the short tempered, potential beau of legendary Public Enemy hypeman Flavor Flav on the reality series Flavor of Love.

In season two, Flav eliminated Buckeey after she had a dangerous fight with another contestant and nearly pushed her off a second story balcony.

Since the tape, Buckeey has had to deal with heckling and graphic questions about her sex life she was not prepared to deal with.

In order to repair her reputation, she feels this is no longer an issue she can ignore.

“Over these past few weeks I have been tortured by strangers about what happened, who was I with, did I release the tape on purpose to get publicity, can I prove to them it was me and multiple other random and indecent requests and questions,” Buckeey explained. “So I’m forced to make a statement. Once you become a personality on television you become the target of haters and I am no different, the release of the tape was done by a hater, stolen by a hater and is just another blatant case of b***chassness.”

In the end, Buckeey hopes that fans and media alike will remember the two human beings involved that have had their lives turned upside down by the leak.

She asks that her privacy be respected and her fans to continue their support for her entertainment aspirations.

“The truth is what I did was out of love for someone and for he and I to share and reflect on. It was never meant for thousands of people to view and make comments on,” she reasoned. “So from this point the concentration should be on where I’m going not what I did. All I ask is for my fans to continue to love me and the haters can keep their job too.”

Shay “Buckeey” Johnson has appeared in Hip-Hop videos like “Ms. New Booty,” by Bubba Sparxxx, “Shoulder Lean” by Young Dro and T.I. and “Happy Hour” featuring Jazze Pha and Cee Lo and others.