10 Club Commandments

Been a rough week guys. First the club drama at Spotlight Live, and now the tremendous loss of Bernie Mac at the young age of 50. For those of you who are into comics we also lost Michael I. Silberkleit, the chairman of Archie Comic Publications to cancer.

Here's a little something we hope will both take your mind off tragedy and whatever hardship you had this week, as well as hip you to something that can turn fun to pain real quick. In the spirit of the Notorious, without further ado, we have the 10 Club Commandments.

See you tomorrow for Sick Sundays.

Number one, you know you going out for fun/ keep a limit on your liquor and you won't have to run.

Number two, you know before the night is through/ there will prolly be a hater trying to ice grill you.Keep your Rollie’s out the Sky, them thugs got eyes and what comes in the club yours might could end up mine.

Number three, ladies if you have to pee/ take your ass to the bathroom with somebody. Take your best friend Pam, the chick with no man/ She can be your force-field and get you out of a jam

Number four when you out on the dance floor/ keep your drink above your head and your balance for sure. Cause if your drink spills that ain’t so trill/ you can slip and bust your ass and that's totally ill.

Number five, don't take your ugly friend/ cause the night will be over almost ‘fore it begin, You'll be macking and free drinks will be flowing/ and all she can talk about is "When is we going?"

Number six, bring a wing man fo’ sho’/ the club got a fine honeys mixed with ugly hoes. For you to have a dream he takes one for the team/ whether fat drunk or busted you know what I mean?

Seven, don't mix the booze my dog/ if its dark stick to it if, it's light go on. If you switch up the wine for the beer or the booze /you could end up with vomit all over your shoes

Number eight, don't make love in this club/ no matter what Usher says that ain't what's up. It’s 2008 check the AIDS rate/ If you taggin’ it then bag it up before it's too late

Number nine is for the dames use a fake name/ Cause every club is packed with a room full of lames. Your name is Sensation, without hesitation, and give that fool the phone number to the police station

Number ten always stay in touch with your friend/ via text or phone call before drama begins If five came out then five should come home /make sure you got vibrate on your cellular phone

These rules are fun but they for your own good, whether it's ladies night or it's boys in the hood. keep it trill keep it smart and keep your friends on you, you get caught slipping don't say I didn’t warn you it's all fun and games but some one could get hurt an you don’t want your family putting you in the dirt.

R.I.P Ingrid Rivera, Proof, and all of those who got caught up in a good night gone horribly wrong. One wrong move can mean the difference between going home and not goin home.