10 Summers Producer DJ Official Murdered In Drive-By As Grandfather Watched

Tragedy has struck DJ Official, DJ Mustard and their families on Father's Day weekend.

By: Shirley Ju (@shirju)

(AllHipHop News) The 10 Summers family is hurting, along with the rest of the world.

DJ Official, signed to Mustard’s 10 Summers imprint has passed away.

According to the cops, the Grammy Award-winning producer was murdered in a double shooting in South Los Angeles over the weekend.

A gunman did a drive-by riding down W. 78th Street, and shot DJ Official and an associate multiple times in front of his grandfather's house.

The cops say DJ Official and his associate were sitting in a car on the street when the gunman rolled up and started shooting.

DJ Official's grandfather witnessed the entire incident as he was mowing his front lawn, and said the shooter escaped in a black SUV.

Police are hunting for the suspect.

Mustard shared a photo of Official to his 1.9M followers on Instagram, with a caption stating: “I’m beyond hurt I’m devastated I’m sick to my stomach I love you lil bro forever @prodbyofficial .... i got your son 4 life this ain’t how it was suppose to go 😥 a real 10SUMMER MEMBER !”

One day later, Mustard posted another picture of Official stating, “Wasn’t trying to do the right thing he was doing the right thing .... 😔 @prodbyofficial

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Why do so many people get shot sitting in the car in LA? A lot of people get blasted on by people they don't even know for no rhyme or reason. Very sad news.


Must rappers get killed in there own neighborhood or city they from. Smh


Anybody want to bet there was some Jealousy involved or his woman was all over homeboy!!! The #1 saying by a hating ass dude not doing shit with his life is "man fuck that nigga!"