12:37 pm: Bun B's Election Day Blog

As special bonus coverage, the OG Bun B will be updating AllHipHop on his Texas travels as he does radio spots and appearances to get people out to vote. This will be updated periodically as Bun reports from the field. In this time of fake political rappers, Bun B has always had a legitimate presence and opinion on politics ans socio-economic issues. Peace goes out.3:30 pm in Houston Texas..in at the Shape Community Center in Third Ward. The Shape Center is a real hub for community outreach and activism in Houston and has been for many years. Today they're offering free rides to the polls, which is a beautiful thing in this age. It's still early but the first polls are about to close so we will have some numbers real soon. I'm headed to the next spot. Obama 08! I'll holla back!-Bun B6:30 pm Just did radio interview with the party 93.3 whose listeners are mostly

Latino. Had some good back and forth with callers, some liberal and some conservative. It's important for both sides to be heard..that's what makes America great! Polls about to close soon so I'm stoping by my church(which is a polling center)then I'm headed home to do a few

more call-ins and wait for results. No sleep tonight! Holla back soon!-Bun B8:48 pmJust got to the crib after a crazy day in the streets..been out there since 7 this morning! Being involved in this election is something to be proud of, considering the historical implications. People who never gave a damn about politics are asking questions about policy on both sides, and raising their concerns. Right now it's 103-49 in favor of Obama. Still early though...so I won't call anything...but it's looking good for Barack! Stay tuned!-Bun B9:43 pmWell they just called Ohio for obama. With Ohio and Pennsylvania won it's looking like Obama has a lead that can't be beaten. They've also called the house for the democrats and I think they're about to call the senate for them also. At this point experts don't believe McCain can gain 270. I don't wanna jump the gun so I won't...but u can see where we are headed....stay tuned people!-Bun B

10:10 pmEarlier in Election Day: Bun B and Davey D in the street.

10:36 pmJust saw representative john Davis speak..he is an original member of the civil rights movement with Dr King and a congressman from Georgia. After personally seeing the civil rights act and equal voting rights bills signed by lbj in 64 and 65, he said that he has shed many tears throughout this campaign and that he never wouldve thought this day would come. For anyone who didn't see it, it summed up how every person should feel today. Many people died and were falsely imprisoned for us to have the right and privilige to be a part of today. It's something everyone should think about tonight, in a real way. The count is 207-138. Keep it locked y'all!-Bun B11:02 pmLadies and gentlemen we have a black president! My president is black! If u didn't vote u missed out on a chance to be a part of history! Sucka!-Bun B