15 Producers That Got Our Attention In 2013

In 2013 we heard a ton of producers that grabbed us and shook us by the shoulders with their choices of high hats and bass, horns or keys...samples of songs we never knew and ones that we’ve loved forever. A few stand out to us specifically for various reasons. Some had songs that were super catchy, some made us bob our heads excessively and some were just plain good and we fell in love with the music.

These producers that we’re sharing with you are from all walks of Hip Hop and all various levels in the game. Some you’ve known for years and some are new friends we’re hearing for the first time. But all are welcomed to our ears!

Now while these are by no means the only producers that made serious noise in 2013 these are a few that grabbed us for one special reason or another! And don’t worry in 2014 we at AllHipHop are going to invest a little more time into listening out for astounding producers and shedding light not just on the establishment guys...but on the Indie and Emerging producers that are out here beasting as well! Without them there could be no music and we want to recognize and respect that across the board! With that said..check out some of the guys who had us paying attention in 2013!

Buda Da Future And Grandz Muzik

Jimmy Flight

J Rhodes

M. Slago

Audible Doctor

Marco Polo




Dony 5ive

Ahk 2g’s

House Shoes


Apollo Brown

Upendo Moore

The only one we don’t have a video for is this young producer from Seattle, Washington. And why is that you ask? Well, because we stumbled upon him quite by accident and to our surprise this 15-year-old phenom impressed us like few have over the last few years!

He was a seasoned pro with his music and he’s not even into his senior year of High School yet! We’re going to be formally introducing you to him in the coming weeks and TRUST US you will be impressed too! He’s amazing with the blends and the samples are well disguised...but one of our favorite things about this young one was his knowledge of the legends which surpasses some of these cats in the game who have a good 10 to 15 years experience on him. We want to make sure you remember his name and where you saw him FIRST...because we guarantee you are going to be hearing from him...A LOT..and soon! Stay tuned because he truly is the next generation of emerging talent!


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