19-Year-Old "Promise Ring" Singer Tiffany Evans Releases New Music; Married and Expecting First Child

Tiffany Evans has been flying under the radar since 2008, when she released her self-titled debut album with the Ciara-assisted first single, "Promise Ring". Though it didn't quite catch on, Evans has continued on, and she's not a 'kid' anymore, sort of.

Now, the 19-year-old is back with "If You Love Me", a song that really showcases the young songstress' vocals. With the new song, she's also revealed in a recent interview, she's already been married for two years, and she and her husband are now expecting their first child.

When asked if she has a celebrity crush, the teen revealed:

"Well… might I say, I don't have a celebrity crush considering I'm married! ][laughs] No one knows. I've been married for two years. He is the love of my life, and I love him very much. His name is Lorenzo. He's a really a cool guy, and we're expecting something else as well – our first child together. I am six months pregnant."

It seems as if the world can't handle such young vocalists like her singing mature songs - so Tiffany might need to link up with Justin Bieber, you know, in the meantime. Maybe not.

Grab "If You Love Me" on iTunes here.