1st Annual Philly Summer Jam Promotes “Stop the Violence”

This Saturday July 26 will mark the first incarnation of a planned annual festival dubbed Philly Summer Jam, a celebration of Philadelphia Hip-Hop and fashion.

At press time, the growing list of artist attendees includes DJ Jazzy Jeff, the Roots, Jermaine Dupri and Philadelphia rapper Beanie Sigel, who was recently released from prison.

Fabolous and DJ Khaled have lent their support by submitting various radio drops throughout local stations.

The event, being held at the National Constitution Center, is the product of a partnership between business owner Stevie G and Island Def Jam executive Lenny S.

Stevie G, who is a part of a local group of entrepreneurs called the Goodfellas, is aiming to celebrate the burgeoning cultural renaissance in Philly that has been overlooked nationally in favor of coverage of the city’s high murder rate and crime issues.

In addition, Steve hopes the event inspires young African-American men to lead successful lives and careers.

“I think this party is a great example of how there are young men in Philadelphia who are actually appreciating and celebrating life, not taking it away,” Stevie G explained to AllHipHop.com. “The guest list expands from New York City to Delaware and we just want everyone to enjoy our city and have a good time.” ''

A portion of the ticket proceeds will be disseminated among neighborhood basketball teams throughout Philadelphia.