2 Live Crew Co-Founder Mr. Mixx Working On LP At The Bunny Ranch

After being on the

road with Afroman as his DJ and guest performer, Mr. Mixx, co-founder of the 2

Live Crew has settled down at the famed Bunny Ranch in Carson City, Nevada to

start work on his solo album, VGNL MINDED.

The album will be released

on Mixx's label, Mr. Mixx Recordings and will be distributed by Afroman’s

Hungry Hustler Records/Redeye Distribution.

VGNL Minded is

Mr. Mixx’s first solo album in three years, since his 2002 release, Nasty,

Controversial and Unauthorized.

“What Lil' Jon and

Ying Yang are doing now is what we created back then,” Mixx told AllHipHop.com

about the speeded-up, boisterous, heavy-bottomed Miami bass sound that brought

2 Live Crew to national prominence.

2 Live Crew, the group Mixx

founded with Fresh Kid Ice and Amazing V in the spring of 1985, became one of

Hip-Hop's most controversial groups.

Luke Campbell joined the

2 Live Crew shortly after its inception and the group released the groundbreaking

albums 2 Live Is What We Are (1986), Move Somethin' (1988)

and As Nasty as They Wanna Be (1989).

The latter album spawned

the classic single “Me So Horny” and was the subject of national

attention, when the group was arrested under Florida obscenity laws for performing

songs from the raunchy album.

The battle over the explicit

lyrics on As Nasty as They Wanna Be went all the way to the Supreme

Court in 1994, which ruled in favor of the group, citing First Amendment rights.


I’m taking the same musical approach,” Mixx said of the new album.

“They [Lil’ Jon, Ying Yang and others] may feel like I’m going

behind them, but they went behind me in the first place.

VGNL Minded

will be filled with explicit, unedited party songs.

“People want

to hear the unedited versions first,” Mixx said. “They want to hear

what they’re playing in the street and in the clubs. And that’s

where my stuff starts. Otherwise, it’s not the same.”

The 2-disc set

will also include behind-the-scenes footage of Mr. Mixx at the Bunny Ranch and

bonus videos from Hungry Hustler Records.

VGNL Minded

hits stores March 28, 2006.