2 Live Crew Member Files Lawsuit Against Jay-Z & Ice-T Over '99 Problems'

Mark “Brother Marquis”

Ross, formerly of pioneering Miami, Florida rap group 2 Live Crew, hit Ice-T and

Jay-Z with a lawsuit over the lyrics to Jay-Z’s hit song “99 Problems.”

The original version of the song was featured on Ice-T’s classic 1993

album Home Invasion, with a cameo from Brother Marquis.

In his lawsuit, which was filed in Manhattan Federal Court, Brother Marquis

claims he’s been paid just $10,000 in royalties, despite being prominently

featured on the original version.

Furthermore, Brother Marquis claims that Jay-Z owes him royalties after recording

an updated version of “99 Problems,” which was produced by Rick

Rubin and featured on Jay-Z’s blockbuster, The Black Album.

Jay-Z also shot a critically acclaimed video for the song, which was shot by

veteran director Mark Romanek.

After leaving 2 Live Crew

around 1996, Brother Marquis had a spiritual awakening and entered the church,

but still tours with a reincarnation of the group.