2 Live Crew Member In Accident

Christopher Wongwon, a member of the legendary rap squad 2 Live Crew, was involved in a road accident Wednesday (Jan. 12) in South Dakota when a van carrying him and six others hit an icy patch and slid off a highway.

The accident occurred as Ashley Grundy was driving the van, which hit a patch of black ice, slid off Interstate 25 and rolled, according to Wyoming Highway Patrol Lt. Carl Clements.

Wongwon and Grundy were the only two wearing seat belts. Another passenger, Dwayne Kamp was thrown from the vehicle, Clements said.

Wongwon and the others were taken to a local hospital for treatment and released.

2 Live Crew, renowned for their sexually explicit lyrics and rabid obscenity, were involved in a number of incidents regarding their allegedly offensive records.

A Florida store owner, later acquitted, was charged with obscenity for selling the group's first album to a 14-year-old girl in 1986.

The U.S. Supreme Court reversed a Florida state court ruling in 1990 that declared the crew's third album, "As Nasty As They Wanna Be," as legally obscene.