2008 Rick Ross Legal Documents Hit the Net

AllHipHop Staff

Rick Ross’ self-proclaimed drug kingpin and gang affiliated

background took another hit today (February 9) as more illuminating documents

made the rounds on the Miami

native’s criminal past.

The Smoking Gun, the same website that initially broke the

story on Ross’ officer background last summer, disclosed a detailed deposition

between Officer Rey Hernandez and Ross attorney Allan Zamren.

The heated discussion revolved around specifics of the

rapper’s January 2008 arrest on marijuana and gun charges, along with inquiries

into his alleged relationship with the infamous Carol City Cartel.

“Why is this case assigned to a gang task force?” Zamren


“Because your client claims affiliation with [the] Carol

City Cartel and other known gang members,” Officer Hernandez replied, hinting

at the various songs of Ross alluding to the alleged relationship.

“Do you have anything that shows you he was affiliated with

any gang?” Zamren further questioned. “Or [of] yout own personal knowledge


“No, I do not,” Hernandez stated.

While both parties in the transcript differ on whether Ross

should face a judge for the charges, both agreed there was no evidence from

reputed members of the Carol City Cartel that Ross had any ties to the


The Smoking Gun, which argues the Miami

emcee has become delusional with his rap persona, titled the six-page piece

“Rick Ross’s Hood Dreams.”

Rick Ross and newfound rival 50

Cent remain locked in battle of one-upmanship as both seek to drum up support

for their respective forthcoming albums; Deeper

Than Rap (March 24) and Before I

Self-Destruct(tentatively March 2009).

After initially being an

unconventional battle waged mostly outside the booth, both stars have released

diss records in the last few days: 50 Cent with “I’ll Be the Shooter,” and Ross

with “Valley of Death.”

The two albums will be the first

high-profile, mainstream Hip-Hop projects released this year.

At press time, neither Rick Ross

nor his lawyer could be reach for comment.