21 Quest Shuns

It brings me the utmost pleasure on this day to tack on another homage to the countless barrage commending the man, the myth: Christopher Columbus. I have my own rendition of 21 questions and things that make you go ‘Hmm….’ (throwback to my man Arsenio Hall!) regarding his American lore. This guy, half-man-half-a-racist, has been allowed to exist in our minds as a hero of our times for so long, that to go against his image is to take a swing against America herself. And being that this is the height of the season for America’s favorite pastime sport, I figure I’m next at bat to take this country right out of the park. So get your bases loaded, ‘cause I’m swinging for the bleachers. Happy Columbus Day, America – it’s a celebration, b***hes.

“21 Quest Shuns”

I’m on a quest for information.

In fact, I’m on a quest to inform this nation –

I’ve directed a few questions

towards the hordes of Columbus patrons.

How can he declare the claim to fame

Of a place that doesn’t even

bare or frame his name?!!…

Since he was into slave trades

and date rape chains –

how has his honor hung upon us for so many ages?

So this guy’s the ‘Admiral of the Ocean Sea’ –

Known as the ‘Great Discoverer’

with admirable, open dreams?!!

Who could promote smokescreens

for the sake of a racist?

By his orders, a civilization was smote clean.

His fleets’ butchery caused

human souls to flow and bleed…

Those left to bereave were exposed to VDs –

what kind of men kick dirt

in the face of a sacred nation?

He supported the eradication

Of a supposedly soulless, erratic nation.

He labeled Mayan descendants as rabid natives

and slaughtered them like wild dogs.

He was a voyager for the sake of materialism.

He was a destroyer with stakes in imperialism…

That’s the truth of his surreal wisdom –

shrouded in nautical miles of fog.

This land of opportunity

Always offers such awkward impunity

For doctrines of lunacy written by aristocratic thugs.

This is the guy who revolutionized genocide

With strands of viruses too new to immunize …

He symbolizes death epitomized

and still receives diplomatic love.

His behavior set the focal precedence

For the Pilgrims to behead the local denizens.

Boastful irreverence –

that’s what this nation’s built upon.

How else could we have

one dope-of-a-loco President

With doting voters so devoted to his reverence

Based solely on his relevance

for holding fake evidence in filthy palms?!!

Both of them reek of deception.

For selfish gains, both thrive in deceitful lessons.

Nevertheless, their reckless sins

are jettisoned by Patriotic acts.

This country’s built on false premises.

We’ve seen the lies – we’re all witnesses…

We’ve all absolved and acquitted them –

swept up in hasty, neurotic acts.

The biggest overt misconception

Stares us in the face of this nation’s inception –

How in the hell could Columbus discover America?!!

I’m not referring to the land being preoccupied,

I’m deferring to the very name

of this country’s lofty pride…

Within its label there’s a hostile lie –

his credit’s been flared up!

If his quest truly proved

the beautiful booty of this land,

Then who is this Amerigo Vespucci man?!!

Can someone explain the name game change

of our nation united?

Better still, was Columbus an Italian or Spaniard?

What lies beneath this rapscallion’s standards?…

Who traded the rug of his regalia’s manner –

who’s blatantly lyin’?!!

If Columbus really touched base

first before others,

Then shouldn’t we have been

birthed from Columbian mothers?

Should we be the good ol’ US of C,

or extend the edges of DC’s measure?

Forget that! –

this cat used brute force to colonize the land.

How long can wool blind the eyes

of lobotomized lambs?…

Something’s off with this pilot, fam –

I smell leaks in the ledger.

I heard he sailed the oceans blue in 1492,

But I motion to move there’s more to the seen –

we’ve been lied to!

Someone’s hiding the truth –

we can handle it, we’re Americans aren’t we?!!

That’s not even comforting, that’s embarrassin’.

Are we the result of conferred dreams or

cruelty and arrogance?…

We’ve inherited a melting pot

of sweltering plots and experiments in larceny.

But who would do this and why?

When and where was the start of this lie?

Should we spark an apartheid? –

how can we discern fact from fiction?

Something so obvious has

been perpetuated for so long,

That to test its station

threatens this nation’s sacred resolve…

What’s left unsolved desecrates us all –

further unraveling our tragic condition.

© Reggie Legend 2005

Steel Waters, Inc.