21 Questions for Cam'ron and His 'No Snitching' Ethos

You have to love the code of ethics that some rappers abide by. If you don't, you are subject to go batty. Cam'ron is of the streets in a way that I clearly cannot relate to. When he informed 60 Minutes that he adheres to a strict diet of no snitching, I knew a new level of ignorance was about to be displayed. And Killa Cam did not disappoint.

He told 60 Minutes' Anderson Cooper that even if he discovered that he had a serial killer for a neighbor, he would not tell the fuzz that a ravenous murderer lived in his midst. At worst, he'd relocate.

But Cam isn't just somebody that talks the talk, he lives it. When he

was in Washington, D.C., he was shot several times while cruising in his

Lamborghini. He frustrated the hell out of area police by refusing to

help them arrest the assailant. On other occasions, Cam's refusal of

police cooperation creed has been muddier. At a basketball event at Harlem’s Rucker Park

New York, Cam met with police, but his level of cooperation is mostly


These days, aiding police in ANY crime (rape, murder, maiming, killing

newborns) is the moral equivalent to snitching, says the 60 Minutes

report. Since Cam'ron has been beefing with 50 Cent, I decided to write

"21 Questions" and situations in order to test the strength of the

Harlemite's "No snitching" policy.

1. Would you talk to the police if somebody in the hood killed your one of

your immediate family members (mother, father)?

2. Would the cops get a call from one Cameron Giles if his son was


3. If you knew of a plot to destroy the entire planet Earth by space

aliens, would there be a call placed from a certain leader of Dipset to

President Obama?

4. Captain America was recently killed off...couldn't Cam have given him a

warning before the sniper bullet hit?

5. Speaking of snipers, if Cam'ron was reared in the ‘60s and knew of the

COINTELPRO plot to destroy Black leaders...couldn't the Nation get some

"snitchy" love?

6. James Earl Ray's spilling his guts? No action? You know the killers of Biggie, Pac, Big L, Jam Master Jay, Scott La Rock, Jimmy Hoffa, Ren, Stimpy and others...can you speak up?

7. Capo Jim Jones gets all of the master's of his new album stolen, which

contains a hit bigger than "We Fly High (Ballllllin!)" and you know the only

way to get it back is through the cops...?

8. Okay, let’s try this a bit differently. If you knew a band of diseased

monkeys were hiding out, would you tell authorities where they were so

they couldn't spread their infectious disease to more humans?

9. Would you use a snitch to find information on a crime against you even

though you hate snitches? Police do this a lot!

10. If a female bit off your Johnson and hid it, would you tell the cops who

did it to get it back? (No homo x 1,000, pause and all that.)

11. Your son has been kidnapped and the kidnappers have a special request in

order for him to be returned safely. They simply want you to "tell" on

them. What do you do, even though they refuse money?

12. You catch Jeffery Dahmer with a human hand in his hand...911 on the

sneak tip?

13. If a man raped his daughter, wife or mother on 125th in Harlem and was

going to go on vacation, because nobody would ID’d him... would you

"snitch" then?

14. If you could anonymously snitch on the world's biggest drug dealer for

$1 billion dollars, would you?

15. Would you snitch on Osama Bin Laden if he lived in Apt. 4E with his

dialysis machine?

16. A doctor is performing surgery while drunk and causes somebody to have

permanent watermelon-sized head, and you know he had a 40 ounce before

cutting. What?

17. You know of a filthy, low down snitch that is going to snitch on you for

a murder you didn't commit. Do you snitch on the snitch to clear your


18. The Ku Klux Klan decide it’s time to reinstate slavery and they start with

whipping you like a slave, Roots-style, do you just take it or take it

to the police?

19. You can become a national hero if you reveal _______ orchestrated the

September 11th terror attacks if you just drop a big dime. Can the

government get change?

20. Would you tell if somebody stole every dollar you owned and swiped your pricey

Lambos too?

21. If 50 Cent had a plot to destroy your illustrious, highly profitable and

successful recording career, would you...nevermind!

Illseed is AllHipHop.com's resident cultural critic even though nobody on staff will co-sign him. Write him 21 questions at ahhrumors@gmail.com.