21 Questions

Credible: 1. Capable of being believed; plausible. 2. Worthy of confidence; reliable.

Credibility: 1. The quality, capability, or power to elicit belief: 2. A capacity for belief. 3. The quality of being believable or trustworthy

1. When will the two words above have a legitimate place in Hip-Hop journalism nowadays?

2. When will the Hip-Hop audience have a chance to use those words when describing the words they read in a magazine,paper or website?

3. Has our disdain to distort the truth in what ‘we’ report cloud ‘our’ judgment in stating ‘facts’ in this culture?

4. Have we become so cynical in ‘our’ reporting that we are willing to jeopardize what it is we want the general public to believe?

5. Have we placed our personal ‘beefs’ in the forefront instead of journalistic integrity?

6. Would this ‘brand’ of journalism be allowed in the more ‘popular’ genres of other music?

7. Are ‘we’ willing to allow this type of ‘reporting’ to overtake what is really ‘destroying’ our ‘community’?

8. Will we ever take to task what ‘we’ as a community should be tackling within ourselves?

9. When will ‘we’ take responsibility for what ‘we’ have created?

10. Why does it take someone outside ‘our’ race degrading ‘our’ women to take notice for something ‘we’ are doing on a daily basis?

11. When will ‘we’ teach and guide the younger generation towards the path to make this world an enjoyable place?

12. When will ‘we’ realize what is entertainment and what is sheer stupidity?

13. How can we be taken seriously when we can’t see the seriousness in what we put out for all to see?

14. When will ‘we’ realize when we are being played?

15. Why is it that ‘we’ have to have ‘others’ save ‘us’ from ’ourselves’?

16. When are ‘you’ gonna accept responsibility for ‘your’ actions?

17. Does everything ‘we’ place out there have to always look and sound so grim?

18. Can’t ‘we’ also show that ‘we’ can also be productive and care for one another?

19. Are ‘we’ gonna always believe everything that is said and written by people who want ‘us’ to believe it’s that way because they ‘say’ so?

20. What are ‘you’ gonna do to help preserve what ‘we’ created?

21. Can’t we all just get along?