21 Savage Does More Than Talk; Gives Students $100 Bucks To Open Bank Accounts

The rap star is putting in work to make sure all the kids understand the value of a dollar.

(AllHipHop News) Rap star 21 Savage dropped in on hundreds of students and came out of his own pocket to get students excited about handling money.

He offered a great incentive to get the kids interested in opening up a savings account - by offering up $100 to every college student who took him up on his offer.

21 is currently on his "Bank Account" literacy tour, where he has been extolling the virtues of financial literacy, and how important it is to understand how to manage money properly.

Yesterday was a busy day for 21, who made stops at Camp Jewell House Academy, where he appeared with Representative Hank Johnson, to speak with 3-4th graders.

Later on, 21 caught up with a group of college students in Decatur, where he made the generous offer.

“(21 Savage) is very beloved by the people of Atlanta and the people of our community. He’s a young man who has found success, but he never forgot the community where he grew up,” Rep. Hank Johnson told Channel 2.

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