21 Savage Lands Huge Victory As Theft By Deception Charges Get Rejected

AllHipHop Staff

The rapper caught a break as he gears up to fight ICE officials, who want to send him back to Britain.

(AllHipHop News) 21 Savage just scored a really big victory, after the D.A.'s office in Liberty County, Georgia rejected a felony case against him.

The rapper was charged with Theft By Deception shortly after he was released from an ICE detention facility in Georgia.

A local promoter accused 21 Savage of skipping out on a show back in 2016 and keeping a payment of $17,000.

The case was rejected, so 21's legal record is clear, as he gears up for a major battle with ICE, who claims the rap star is a British national living in the United States illegally.

21 Savage has vowed to fight his deportation, even if it means spending years in prison.