21 Savage's Lawyer Offer Up Interesting Defense For Rapper To Stay In The U.S.

The rapper is putting his family into the mix in order to fight being deported back to the U.K.

(AllHipHop ) Rapper 21 Savage may have the best defense to stop being deported from the United States to England - his children.

The rap star, born Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, was picked up by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents in Atlanta, Georgia on Sunday as part of a “targeted operation with federal and local law enforcement partners.”

Until the news of his arrest hit headlines, 21 Savage was thought to have been a local act from Atlanta.

But ICE officials claim the hip-hop star is actually a U.K. national without the correct paperwork to remain in America, and he is now facing deportation.

Currently, the rap star is imprisoned in Atlanta, as his lawyers try to get him released from prison.

One of his lawyers said the rapper has several defenses for staying in the United States, including his dependent "U.S. citizen children," which should make him eligible "for relief from deportation."

21 Savage is also claiming he was the victim of a violent incident in 2013, where he was shot six times and witnessed his friend murdered, which should also make him eligible for consideration to stay in the country.

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He moved here when he was 12, he's from Atlanta..Majority of people migrated to Atlanta and claim Atlanta. Ludacris, Usher, Big Boi, Bow Wow..are all from different states or cities.


A good lawyer would get him out of this mess.. Or at least try