21 Savage Speaks Out After Shooting At Atlanta Community Event

The rapper's manager blasts "weak ass bloggers" and brands.

(AllHipHop News) 21 Savage wants the world to know he was not involved in a violent incident that took place in Atlanta over the weekend. A 23-year-old man was shot in the leg at the Zone 6 Day event on Saturday.

“That ain’t right. People need to think about their actions," 21 told WSBTV. "We’re coming together to push positivity, to get all the negative stuff away. We’re trying to show the kids that grown people can come together and do something positive.”

Some news reports incorrectly labeled 21 Savage as the planner for Zone 6 Day. The Issa Album creator hosted his own Back-To-School Drive in Decatur on Sunday.

21's manager, Kei Henderson, took to Twitter to further set the record straight about the shooting. Henderson posted:

Savage was not the organizer of Zone 6 day. He donated $ and showed up and promoted to support his community. The shooting happened after he left and around the corner from Coan Park. Zone 6 day has nothing to do with ISSA BACK TO SCHOOL DRIVE. I’m tired of people making him the villain. Get shot more than 7 times and then turn ur life around like he did. This man is not like u and me. Since making music he has been nothing but focused on being a better man. And all u brands who pullback cuz you listen to these weak ass bloggers weak too. Talk to his team and to Savage directly not some website. Lesson: No matter how hard u work, there will always be people tryna keep you where u started.

The rapper born Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph has made a turn as a public figure over the last year. In March, 21 started the "Bank Account" initiative directed at teenagers, and the 25-year-old entertainer announced he was no longer buying expensive jewelry in order to promote the importance of saving.

Santonio Foster was detained by police and faces charges of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Investigators are still determining if he pulled the trigger at the community event. Authorities believe the victim and the shooter were acquainted.

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