2K Sports and APF 2K8 Announces New Soundtrack with DJ Z-Trip

Dead Prez, Casual, Pep Love, Aceyalone and Rakim are featured on the new upcoming 2KSports All-Pro Football 2K8 soundtrack, which is set to be released this summer.

The soundtrack for the sports game on Playstation and XBox will feature original production mixes from Hip Hop DJ Z-Trip, one of the pioneers of "mash ups."

"One thing I really appreciate about 2KSports is they take chances when it comes to their music selection, and I'm all about that," said DJ Trip. "Working on the All-Pro Football 2K8 gave me the opportunity to mix things up. The music fits perfectly in the game, making you want to nod your head and tackle someone at the same time."

Thirteen songs are featured on the soundtrack, including dead prez's all-new rap over a Deftones track. DJ Z-Trip also mashes Rakim with Chevelle, while remixing Rush's classic single "Tom Sawyer."

"Since 2K Sports' All-Pro Football 2K8 is taking football to the next level with landmark gameplay innovations, we wanted the soundtrack to reflect the latest in music innovations," said Tim Rosa, 2K Sports" Director of Brand and Lifestyle Marketing. "The logical step was to sign DJ Z-Trip, who has literally pioneered the art of the mash-up and set the standard for quality remixes. We're proud that our games and soundtracks have paved new roads in the video game industry."

DJ Z-Trip gained notoriety over the internet when his collaboration with DJ P, Uneasy Listening, Vol. 1, was released in 2001.

Only 2000 copies were made, but the album was soon distributed over the Internet in MP3 format.

DJ Z-Trip is also featured in the 2001 documentary Scratch and is found in special features showing off some techniques.