2Pac’s High School Love Letter Is Up For Auction

Another piece of Tupac Shakur memorabilia is up for sale. In March, Moments In Time offered some of 2Pac’s music and handwritten notes to the highest bidder, and now the website is selling a love letter written by the iconic rapper.

(AllHipHop News)


According to TMZ, the letter was composed in 1988 and was intended for a girl Pac nicknamed “Beethoven.” She earned the name because she enjoyed playing the piano. The young lady was in the same drama class as Shakur at the time.

The letter included Pac writing he “felt really good vibes” from Beethoven. The Marin City, California resident even asked his crush to let him know if he was moving too fast. The note revealed a young Tupac was a big fan of Prince, and he even left his phone number at the bottom of the page. The item is said to be going for $35,000.