36 Mafia And Crew Sign With Violator, New Project Pat Album Coming

Hypnotized Minds camp recently inked a deal with

Chris Lighty's company Violator and are now managed by the same company that

handles such stars as Missy Elliot, Busta Rhymes, 50 Cent, Mobb Deep, Clipse

and others.

"They were initially interested in doing

a deal with Lil Whyte," 36 Mafia group member DJ Paul told AllHipHop.com.

"He's sold over 100,000 Soundscanned copies of his album Doubt Me Now,

independent with no promotions. He's still doing 1500 copies a week and everyone

is wondering how he did this, I even wonder. He hasn't gotten any promotion

on the radio stations in Memphis and I just started running ads on him."

Through discussions about Lil Whyte, Violator

big wigs inquired as to why 36 Mafia never received the proper push, yet still

sold hundreds of thousands of records.

After realizing all of the acts were for the

most part self managed, Violator offered to handle the careers of the Memphis

based collective.

"The whole camp is going to be managed by

Violator," Paul continued. "36, Frayser Boy, Project Pat and Lil Whyte."

Hopes are high that the incarcerated Project

Pat, who has been serving a 4 year sentence for violation of his probation since

2002, would be released before the end of the year to rejoin the group as they

turn a new page in their rap careers.

A new album, Crook By The Book consisting

of all new material by the rapper is being produced and prepared for release.

"They just moved him to a low security prison.

He's in Missouri now, he was being held in Beaumont Texas. We are remixing the

music, all the lyrics are sh*t he did before he went in. It's all unreleased

sh*t, we are just redoing the music."

Crook By The Book is expected to hit stores

later this year.