36 Mafia Continues To Make Moves


Mafia continue to make moves.Their latest release,

When The Smoke Clears: Sixty 6 Sixty 1 which was

released on June 13 2000, is now certified platinum. The

group is staying busy in the new year, with a number of

projects slated.

The group

will drop a new album by Project Pat, a new album by Le

Chet, a new album coming from Tear Da Club Up Thugs and

a new album by DJ Paul and Juicy J, which is titled Cashin


The group

is also working on a 95 minute direct to video movie,

titled Choices. The film, which stars the group

and some of the groups friends, was filmed entirely in

Memphis, Tennessee. It deals with a character named Pancho

and it is about making the right and wrong choices in