36 Mafia Exceeds Expectations


6 Mafia debuted at number 6 on

Billboard Magazine's 200 chart, landing under Kid Rock and N'Sync,

and beating out Pop heavyweights Creed and Matchbox 20. Ken Gullic,

VP, Sales, Loud Records says,"Three

6 Mafia has taken the southern rap game to an all new level! Beyond

the southern states -- the nation has clearly embraced the group

with 'When The Smoke Clears...' The initial shipments have far

exceeded our original projections. When you're selling Three 6

records in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago, you're no longer

preaching to the converted. We took no markets for granted and

opened up some new ones!" Since the groups debut album, "Chpt

2... World Domination" in 1997, with each release (*includes

related releases) the group has tripled the first week album sales

of their previous release in the United States:

Date Album Title 1st

Weeks Sales

1997 Chpt 2 ... World Domination


1999 *Crazyndalazdaz 66,000

2000 When The Smoke Clears 157,000

Not only are sales

increasing but also radio airplay for "When The Smoke Clears"

first single, "Sippin' On Some Syrup" is reaching an

audience broader

than the group has ever experienced. "'Sippin' On Some Syrup'

began as a very strong regional record breaking for us nationally.

Recently we've been

getting airplay in non-traditional Three 6 Mafia markets such

as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Washington DC,"

explains Geo Bivins, Sr. VP, Promotions, Loud Records.