40 Glocc aka Big Bad 40 Beats $100K Gun Case


(AllHipHop News) Rapper 40 Glocc a.k.a. Big Bad 40 scored a legal victory in court earlier this week, when a gun charge against him was dismissed.

The G-Unit affiliate was originally arrested in January of 2011, while sitting in a parked Range Rover with several associates.

Prosecutors in the area had received a gang injunction against Big Bad 40 and other alleged members of the Colton City Crips, who allegedly frequently gather in the Arbor Terrace apartment complex to sell drugs and commit crimes.

A search of the Range Rover uncovered a loaded 9 mm handgun, along with a magazine in the glove compartment.

All four occupants of the vehicle were arrested and charged with gang involvement and carrying a loaded firearm in a public place.

The rapper, whose bail was set at $100,000, has beaten the case and all charges have been dismissed, due to lack of evidence.

“They finally let me breathe for one second. I feel like all I do is fight for my rights and I’m persecuted for it, Big Bad 40 told AllHipHop.com in a statement. "Not to mention a million liars out there hating for the fun of it. This is my life and I take it very serious; I’m on a mission to uplift myself and my people and anyone that challenges sets themselves up for a problem.”

Big Bad 40, born Lawrence Demetrious Whitewas not quiet during the proceedings against him.

During his trial, the rapper released a track titled "F**k The Police," which named checked two of the investigating officers in his case.

He was arrested a few months after recording the track.

Due to the legal wrangling, 40 has decided to push back is upcoming album Big Bad 4-0 New World Agenda, until December 6.

“The gun charge has been burdening both me and my Zoo Babies for quite some time," Big Bad 40 explained. "The worst thing that can happen to you is have someone wrongfully accuse you and you have to pay a debt for a sloppy lie. From here on in, my fans, my supports and my believers can rely on me to fight for my music to hit the top charts.”