40 Glocc, Lil Boo Reply To Plies' Diss With 'Return to Sender'

AllHipHop Staff

West Coast rapper 40 Glocc and Lil Boo have released a reply to Plies’ diss record “Letter to the Industry,” in the latest round of Hip-Hop beef.

The pair dropped the track “Return to Sender” today (November 24th), in reply to Plies‘ “Letter.”

At the end of “Return to Sender,” the rappers sample a clip of a December 2008 interview conducted with an elderly woman who claimed she was Plies’ grandmother.

The woman speaks about Plies rap career which, she claims is a fraud.

“I just want to let yall know I did not give him that name, I don’t know where he got that name from,” the elderly woman says at the end of the track. “He aint got no stripes in the streets, he never, ever lived that life, that was his brother.”

Earlier this month, Plies released three songs: “Awesome,” “Chirpin’” and “Letter to the Industry,” which addressed a number of topics, including his beef with other rappers.

Plies became the subject of jokes during an October episode of Jamie Foxx’s “Foxx Hole Radio Show” on Sirius Satellite Radio.

The comedian revealed that he mediated a dispute between Plies entourage and members of 40 Glocc’s, crew who appeared on a video set to test Plies‘ street credibility.

Foxx took jabs at Plies and his entourage, who allegedly ran for cover when approached by 40 Glocc and his Zoo Life associates on the set, prompting Plies’ song “Letter.”

"Return to Sender” is taken from 40 Glocc and Zoo Life’s upcoming album Concrete Jungle, which will be available for downloads in the iTunes store on December 8th.

The physical CD will be available in January of 2010.