40 Glocc Name Checks Cops In 'F**k The Police'

(AllHipHop News) Rapper 40 Glocc is slated to go on trial today (May 17th) for allegedly promoting gang culture in his music and videos. The rapper is one of sixty names listed in the San Bernardino County district attorney's first approved preliminary civil gang injunction, against the Colton City Crips. Colton City District Attorney Mark Vos and prosecutors claim that 40 Glocc, born Lawrence White, is a “senior member of the gang who has become a rap star.”Prosecutors are attempting to stop 40 Glocc from rapping about being a crip in addition to keeping the Colton City Crips away from Arbor Terrace Apartments aka “The Zoo.”Today (May 17th), 40 Glocc released a new single, along with a video titled “F**k The Police,” in response to the injunction, which was originally filed in 2008.The rapper appears in the video wearing a bandanna and a shirt promoting his upcoming album N.W.A. (New World Agenda). “Copper what you looking for, the chopper’s in a safe place you don’t need to know/pitchin with 50 Cent don’t need to sell blow/talk to the lawyer, he’ll tell you what you want,” 40 Glocc raps.In the song, he names checks Colton police Cpl. Shawn McFarland and Colton police Sgt. Eric Miller by name. Both men investigated The Colton City Crips’ activities and helped draft the gang injunction. In the video, 40 Glocc and several associates wave what appear to be automatic weapons at the camera, as they chant “F**k the police!”A judge this morning ruled that a rapper who denied being part of the Colton City Crips does indeed belong to the street gang. In 2008, a judge ruled that 40 Glocc was indeed a member of the gang, but ordered prosecutors to re-write the language of the gang injunction so 40 could continue to rap.

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