40 Glocc Talks 'Concrete Jungle'; Plans 'N.W.A.' Solo LP

Run-ins with artists like Lil Wayne and Plies have grabbed headlines for rapper 40 Glocc, but now the rapper will attempt to prove his worth in Hip-Hop with the release of Concrete Jungle.

The West coast rapper’s album Concrete Jungle lands in stores today on his own independent record label, Zoo Life.

The 22-track album features appearances by West coast notables like Gail Gotti, Ras Kass and Village Boo, while a guest appearance by incarcerated rapper Prodigy rounds out the album.

“Listeners can expect to hear what they have been missing from the West Coast for years - real reality music and from a real street aspect,” 40 Glocc told AllHipHop.com. “They will get a chance to hear our side of the story and the reality of real West coast artist on this street album.”

Concrete Jungle is 40 Glocc’s first album since the 2003 release of his debut, The Jakal. The rapper is already in the studio working on a new solo album tentatively titled N.W.A.

“My life is a reflection of my music, but first and foremost I’m a businessman and the voice of the ghetto. I say what people feel,” 40 Glocc stated. “When everyone things of the West coast, they will think of Zoolife and 40 Glocc first.”

Concrete Jungle is available for purchase on iTunes starting today (December 8). 1. Intro 2. Criminal (ft. Lil Boo & Tek) 3. Spin The Globe 4. Welcome to the Ghetto (ft. Tri Star & Village Boo) 5. Another Angel Dies (ft. Ras Kass [click to read]) 6. Walk In My Shoes (ft. Yacc & Tip Toe) 7. Haters & Bitches (ft. Zoo Babiez, Lil Boo & Locie Loc) 8. Hell On Earth (ft. Lil Toot) 9. Grindin (ft. Tip Toe & Notes) 10. 100 (ft. Tip Toe, E-Note & Michlobe) 11. Bouncing In The Bed (ft. Village Boo, Ken Bib & Locie Loc) 12. Skit (ft. Ras Kass & Csik) 13. Narcotics (ft. Gail Gotti) 14. Local Boy (ft. Sun) 15. Skit (ft. Unforgivable) 16. 3 Amigos 17. Couple Geez (ft. Lil Boo & Brook) 18. Smoke Drank (ft. Zoobabiez) 19. Hundred Grand (ft. Yacc) 20. Safari (ft. Village Boo) 21. Concrete Jungle (ft. Tip Toe & Village Boo) 22. Shot The Fuck Up (ft. Prodigy, Locie Loc, Yacc, Ken Bib, Natural Born & Village Boo)