'48 Laws' Author Robert Greene Working with 50 Cent on New Book, QD3 On New Film

G-Unit front man 50 Cent is putting his pen to work for his second literary endeavor.

The rapper is teaming up with author Robert Greene for a new book, titled The 50th Law.

The hardcover MTV/Pocket Books release will "capture and create a visible parallel between street life and corporate America standard and structure," according to 50 Cent,

Greene is best known as the writer behind The 48 Laws of Power, a best selling book that has become a staple in the Hip-Hop community with its instructions and advice.

"We are living through chaotic times; the standard models for success in business and life don't work so well anymore," Greene said. "50, as the consummate strategist of the street and boardroom, exemplifies the new entrepreneurial spirit required for the 21st century. The 50th Law will reveal the secret to his success and how we can all apply this to our lives."

The 50 Cent alliance comes on the heels of plans to bring The 48 Laws of Power to film.

Noted filmmaker/producer QD3 recently revealed plans to turn the book into a feature with Greene, saying the film will offer a different take on the book, while maintaining its essence.

"We're gonna base it off 48 laws in Hip-Hop," QD3 told AllHipHop.com. "The book was like an Art of War for today's times. It's not as esoteric, it's pretty concrete.

QD3 cited a connection between the book's lessons and the Hip-Hop community as the reason why "a lot of Hip-Hop heads, executives, and artists took to the book."

"It's kind of like a self-defense manual, because it teachers you to be more strategic and not think based on your emotions," said the filmmaker, who speculated that the book's message may have triggered a different outcome in the infamous feud between deceased rapper Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur.

"One of the things I always say is if Tupac and Biggie had read this book, maybe they would have dealt with the beef in a different way. It's more strategic versus physical force. This book teaches you to counter your intuitions and actually go with what works."

The 50th Law is scheduled to be published in February 2008, while QD3's project is still in development.