50 Cent ‘ 94 Drug Arrest Detailed

AllHipHop Staff

Detailed documents have hit the internet detailing the 1994 drug arrest of 50 Cent and a 16-year-old female accomplice.

The papers, revealed by thesmokinggun.com, chronicle the arrest and incarceration of the record-breaking rap artist. Arrested 1994, the rapper and the teen were and charged with felony drug charges.

On June 29, 50 and the girl, Taiesha Douse, were caught peddling four vials of crack to an undercover NYPD officer. Douse handled the actual transaction according to the documents. After a thorough search, police found 36 vials of crack in Douse’s panties and an additional 12 packs of heroin in her pant pockets.

In July 1994, the police raided 50’s house and said they found both heroin and crack hidden in various places in the house. They also charge they found a starter gun and other drug materials.

According to the site, 50 (Curtis Jackson), then 19 years old, plead guilty in both cases and opted to go to an upstate New York “shock incarceration boot camp” to avoid a concurrent 3-9 prison bid.

To see all the legal records go to: http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/50cent1.html