50 Cent And Mark Ecko Create G-Unit Clothing Co.

50 Cent and Marc Ecko have teamed up for 50's

signature line of apparel, G-Unit Clothing Co.

The line, which will be in stores for the holiday

season, will all feature a 50 Cent price point, which means a pair of jeans

may retail for $40.50, in honor of the company's founder.

Ecko compared the two's combination to Nike and

Michael Jordan coming together to form the Air Jordan sneaker.

"It's not new for a rapper or pop artist

to launch a clothing line, but what is new is that a design-driven company like

us is partnering with an artist to offer the marketing and merchandising,"

Ecko told The Associated Press.

"The simplicity is what will be refreshing

to the market," Ecko said.