50 Cent Brings Rick Ross’ Son’s Mother Into Battle

AllHipHop Staff

In an unprecedented escalation of a Hip-Hop lyrical battle, mogul

50 Cent has released a video with the mother of Rick Ross' son.

The 8 minute clip was released today via 50 Cent's website thisis50.com.

The woman, identified as Tiallondra "Tia" Kemp, confirmed she is the

mother of William Roberts III, the rapper's 2-year old son.

With 50 asking questions, Kemp explains her relationship with her child's


"It's sort of embarrassing, as you listen to his raps, you would definitely

believe him," Kemp states. "His jewelry is rented, the cars are being

leased…It's just sad. I just want to prove the facts."

Regarding the controversy last summer of Ross' stint as a corrections officer,

Kemp confirms the story to be true. She claims the rapper lied to her about his

previous employment when they lived together. According to Kemp, her suspicions

were confirmed after speaking with the Miami

rapper's sister and finding resignation documents.

50 also makes a distinction between Kemp and Brooke, the mother of Ross'

daughter. 50 alleges the latter is a high-end call girl.

Further in the video, Kemp confirms the recent story of Ross taking back a

truck he had given her, which followed a heated child support deposition over

the rapper's assets.

"I've been driving it for 2 years. I was very surprised he would take

it," Kemp stated. "Right now I have to get someone to pick me and the


Later, 50 proclaims his intentions to show Kemp a great time, stating

slyly "we gonna do some shopping, have a good time and then…y'all can't

see all of that!"

After further insulting Ross by showing a personal picture of his mother and

referring to her as the Nutty Professor, the viral video shows Tia Kemp being

taken around to various shopping boutiques to pick up shoes and furs on 50's tab.

Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely" is utilized as the soundtrack.

At press time, Rick Ross could not be reached for comment.