50 Cent Clowns Taraji P. Henson Because His New Show Is Replacing "Empire"

AllHipHop Staff

50 Cent is rejoicing in the fact that his new show The Notorious Cop will replace "Empire" on Fox.

(AllHipHop News) Rap star 50 Cent and his cold war against Fox's hit show "Empire" continued over the weekend during an Instagram attack on Taraji P. Henson.

50 Cent and Taraji P Henson's on and off again feud stretches back to 2015 when the Queen's rapper claimed "Empire" writers were borrowing ideas from his hit show "Power."

The accusations sparked a back and forth between the pair on Twitter, and the feud was eventually worked into a storyline for the debut episode of season 2 of "Empire"

Earlier this week, Taraji P. Henson blasted 50 during an interview for T.I.'s podcast "expediTIously."

She accused the G-Unit boss of tearing down another successful black person with behavior she labeled "embarrassing."

"50, do you know what the f##k I had to do to get here? Why tear down another black person? For competition? There are a million other shows you can compete with."

50 has fired back at Taraji again with a humorous, passive-aggressive response.

"this is my sincere apology I did not mean to hurt your feelings in anyway. I love your work and I think you are amazing," 50 Cent said. "I’m sorry no one is watching your show anymore.😔I realize I have to work on the fact that I have less empathy then others. I have met with the top executives at Fox and sold them ('The Notorious Cop') it’s the show that is replacing yours😟 but I really want to work with you. I mean your awesome we would work well together😠but if you don’t like the idea I understand. 😡if you don’t roll with me, your gonna get rolled the f##k over."

50 also laughed at the demise of "Empire," which will end with its 6th season this Spring.

Fif decided to drag Jussie Smollett into the back and forth and blamed the disgraced actor, who allegedly faked his hate crime, for "Empire's" low ratings.

"i didn’t destroy your show it destroyed itself. i hope you accept my sincere apology, forever your fan and friend Fofty. ps i’m looking forward to working with you, or watching you watch me work," 50 Cent said.

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Everytime i watched Empire i cringed at the ''all over the place episodes''. How did they manage to go so low?


50’s gonna be 50. Doesn’t he do the same shit to the actors on his own show.
He’s right though... the show, as far as I know, pretty much did destroy itself, an ol’Jussie’s antics gave it the death blow.