50 Cent Confirms Rumors Of Rick Ross C.O. Footage

AllHipHop Staff

Hip-Hop star 50 Cent has confirmed that he has a tape of rapper Rick Ross in an interview that recently hit the Internet.

50 Cent gave an exclusive interview with syndicated radio personalities Big Boi and Q-Deezy of the Big Boy Morning Show.

In the clip, 50 Cent and Big Boy are seen riding in one of 50 Cent’s cars having a casual conversation when the Queens-bred rapper confirmed that he has a tape in his possession.

“Now it’s public and the public knows that me and him don’t get along,” 50 Cent said. “So everybody who has things…I have a video tape of the actual graduation. That still photograph [of Ross in a Correctional Officer’s outfit], I have a videotape of that. I got like 60 photographs. I got his life story in photos from different time periods. He actually used to deliver medications, before he was a correctional officer.”

50 Cent claimed he authenticated various tips and photos he has received using Rick Ross’ baby mother and former girlfriend Tia Kemp, who is releasing a tell-all book about Ross, reportedly on April 21, the same day Ross’ opus Deeper Than Rap hits stores.

“How much more do you do when you can’t go see your kids because I said so? If I can control your life to that point, where you don’t want to go see your child, because I said ‘Ima fuck your life up,’ then I feel like I accomplished what I was after.”

50 Cent also branded Ross a fool and dismissed the rapper’s claims that G-Unit employee Nelson Gomez recently offered him $500,000 to cease the war of words between the two.

“How much more of a fool can you make yourself? You can’t take anything serious from him…this has been the easiest one. I”ve never had anyone that’s had so many holes in just themselves and their past, right there. And for them to actually attack first without warning or reason. You know your shit is all fucked up back there and you gonna still just come. No plan or nothing.”

50 Cent also revealed that his upcoming album Before I Self Destruct has no release date as of press time.

50 cent talks about his ongoing feud with Rick Ross (Big Boys Neighborhood Exclusive) from qdeezy on Vimeo.