50 Cent Continues To Diss Kanye; Ridicules West's Hit Single 'Stronger'

While many people believed the feud between Kanye West and 50 Cent ended on the stage at Madison Square Garden last Wednesday (August 22) when the superstar rappers appeared together alongside Jay-Z, Sean "Diddy" Combs and T.I., it appears it will not end until September 11, the day Kanye West's Graduation and 50 Cent's album Curtis hits stores.

50 Cent shot down any notion of Kanye West outselling him on September 11 and also claimed the rapper "sucks."

"It's friendly feud but its not possible for Kanye to beat me," 50 Cent said during an interview on AJ's Playhouse on radio station 93.3 in San Diego, California. "It's the 'Teddy Bear' vs. The Gorilla."

50 Cent also charged that West's label Def Jam would not play fair on the day the album hits stores.

"Def Jam is going to buy about 200,000 of them [Kanye's records,]" 50 Cent charged during the interview. "The following week you are going to see a 70% decrease, easy. You know what's gonna happen. Even Jay-Z himself, the first week is huge [of his last album Kingdom Come] and then he just disappeared."

50 Cent also confirmed the "I Get Money" remix will feature Jay-Z and Sean "Diddy" Combs.

"Kanye sucks," 50 said. "I'm going to be honest, he sounds like a robot, he has a robot record," ridiculing West's hit single "Stronger."

50 also told AJ's Playhouse that West was annoyed when 50 Cent got on the stage at the Screamfest concert with fellow rap titan Jay-Z.

During his Graduation album preview in Manhattan, West said: "[It] felt aight [referring to the )...would of felt better to be on stage like me and Jay planned."

"Jay-Z and Kanye West had their plans for them to just be there, but then I decided we were gonna share that moment," 50 said. "If you look at the tape, Kanye crossed his arms cause I bumped into him and said 'man you had to come up here huh?,'" 50 Cent said today about the rappers' unification on the stage. "He was mad at first until it dawned on him what it was."

West also brushed off the notion of any real "feud" between the two chart topping rappers during the Graduation preview.

"This is the first time we let the press do all the work," West said of the feud, adding that 50 Cent wouldn't have stood a chance had it not been for his hit single " "I Get Money."