50 Cent Defends His Behavior In Teairra Mari’s Sex Tape Lawsuit

He claims his post came after multiple images seen on the internet.

By: Shirley Ju @shirju

(AllHipHop News) 50 Cent is here to defend his case regarding the lawsuit with Teairra Mari’s sex tape. A while ago, the New York rapper posted a picture of the Love & Hip Hop star engaging in oral sex.

Teairra went on to sue everyone involved, which included 50. He has now filed his response to her accusations claiming everyone else was doing it, and he just simply reposted after seeing the image float around on the internet.

As reported by TMZ, 50 says the fact that others posted the image of Teairra (with ejaculate on her face) before him protected him legally.

Last month, the judge issued a statement saying the photo doesn't fall under revenge porn as it does not reveal any genitals or sexual acts.

It looks like 50 may be in luck.

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he aint that stupid since the rick ross thing