50 Cent Defends Taking Money Back From Stripper

50 Cent's antics involving a stripper happened in the news once again.

(AllHipHop News) 50 Cent has defended himself from criticism after a video emerged of him appearing to take money back from a stripper.

In footage posted to Instagram, the rapper, real name Curtis Jackson, was seen showering a woman with dollar bills while partying with friends at Angels strip club in New York, only to start scooping up the money and taking it away minutes later.

50 initially found humor in his actions, sharing the video to his own Instagram account and adding the caption: "LOL (laughing out loud) SEE HOW I GET WHEN THEY START TRYING TO BE CUTE. IM TAKING THE MONEY BACK."

But the video was quickly met with backlash from fans, many of whom slammed the "Power" star for his "pettiness" and "disrespect" towards women, and the 43-year-old rapper has since been forced to address his actions.

Taking to social media, Fif insisted that he was owed money from the venue and hadn't wanted to stay because the club was filled with the wrong people.

"The way I see it, the n##gga's in Angel owed me money," he began in a video entitled "True story."

"First of all, as soon as I came out, you know it was a gangster-fest, there were all the wrong n##gga's in one room, right?" he continued. "So you know it can pop off any time."

50 also offered up an explanation in the comments of the original video, claiming that the stripper had been rude to him and blasting the venue for providing "poor" customer service.

"Shorty was mad about something," he wrote with a shrugging shoulders emoji. "She said some s##t I said what wrong with her? Then I just said f##k it I'm taking the money back."

In another comment, he added: "Poor customer service smh (shaking my head). I'm gonna need a refund. LOL."

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