50 Cent Gets Young Buck's New Video Taken Down; Young Buck Promises More Music

The former friends have turned into bitter foes in a war playing out on social media.

(AllHipHop News) 50 Cent's war with his own artist Young Buck continues to play out on social media.

50 has been completely trashing Young Buck over claims he had an affair with a transgendered artist.

As expected, Young Buck has strenuously denied the claims on multiple occasions, but 50, or his new alter-ego Fofty, will not let up on Young Buck.

Buck, who is trying to get off G-Unit, promised to respond to 50's taunts by telling the Queens rapper his days were "numbered." In the meantime, it looked like Buck was trying to get back to releasing some music and dropped his new video "Road Trip" today.

But Fif took glee in taking swift legal action against Young Buck, by having his "Road Trip" removed from YouTube.

Buck replied, hinting that he would still be dropping some new music.

"Big #Fofty Say I Owe Him Some Check 😂 Tell Him #OpenTheBooks ⭕Compulsive The Ep Out Now #Defamation Otw," Young Buck wrote.

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Someone needs to put together all the diss tracks between these two.. I found a few from Buck from years ago.