50 Cent Helps Leona Lewis Land Her First TV Role In "The Oath"

The rap star's cop drama has snagged some more top talent.

(AllHipHop News) Leona Lewis has spoken about her passion for acting ahead of her debut role in TV show "The Oath."

The 33-year-old singer will star as Amber Hall in the second season of 50 Cent's crime drama.

She stars as a character who has grown up with violence in her neighborhood and now works as a doctor at her local hospital.

Speaking to In Studio with The Hollywood Reporter, the Bleeding Love hitmaker admitted that she "naturally gravitated towards (the part)" in the Sony Crackle show.

"I just really resonated with her," she confessed. "I just loved her heart. She's just very passionate.

"She definitely adds a layer to the show that I felt really created a lot of depth in that she’s existing in this world that is so corrupt, that is so violent, and she's kind of bringing a bit of hope to the situation," Lewis reflected.

While the former winner of season three of U.K. show The X Factor revealed that she has always had a passion for acting, she explained that she put it to one side to focus on her music career.

"It kind of went on the back burner when I started to do my music," the three-time Grammy nominee said. "It's always something that I really wanted to get into and had a passion for, and the more I've done it, the more I just fall in love with it."

Leona also believes that her music career has helped her to perfect her acting skills.

"I pull from many of the same places that I pull from with my music, in terms of emoting and telling a story," she smiled.


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