50 Cent Hints At Rick Ross, P. Diddy and Steve Stoute Being Gay

50 Cent once filmed DJ Khaled’s mother at her place of work during his feud with Rick Ross, so this man has no limits to his inflammatory tactics.

(AllHipHop News) Today (March 3rd), 50 Cent posted a photo of Steve Stoute, Rick Ross and P. Diddy on his personal Instagram account with a caption that insinuates the three men are homosexual.

Earlier today 50 stiched a photo of Rick Ross and Diddy in a suggestive position and another of Stoute with his arm around Diddy. 50 Cent quickly deleted the photo for an unknown reason:

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The photo comes a day after 50 posted a video of Steve Stoute’s disparaging remarks about him on The Angie Review with subtitles that read “keep adding fuel to the fire”. 50 Cent and Steve Stoute were photographed having a heated exchange court-side at the New York Knicks game this past Friday (February 28th).