50 Cent Invests In 3D Sunglasses Company

(AllHipHop News) Rap star 50 Cent is expanding his business portfolio with an investment in a new company that creates "digital performance eyewear." According to FastCompany.com, 50's latest business deal involves an optical company named Gunnar Optiks. The company specializes creating that are optimized for a sharper digital experience, in addition to reducing headaches, tired and/or dried eyes from viewing LCD screen for extended amounts of time. Additionally, the company develops fashionable, stylish 3D eyewear, which will retail between $70-$200, like the rest of the entire collection. 50 Cent became involved with Gunnar after turning down an endorsement deal, in favor of a stake in the company. FastCompany revealed that 50 Cent also has a say in the business direction of Gunnar Optiks as well. The rapper's investment in Gunnar Optiks comes as manufacturers attempt to boost sales of 3D television, which currently has a slow adoption rate.