50 Cent Involved In Scuffle At Airport In Nigeria

American Hip-Hop

star 50 Cent was engaged in a scuffle with the entourage of another rapper in

a Lagos, Nigeria airport last night.

50 Cent was in

the African nation taking part in the annual Star Mega Jam, which brings top

name talent to perform along side popular Nigerian artists.

The incident started

in an airplane belonging to the Aviation Development Company, before an aborted

trip to Port Harcourt for a final performance.

Eyewitnesses stated

that Nigerian rapper Eedris Abdulkareem attempted to sit in a seat reserved

for the internationally known 50 Cent, but was prevented from doing so.


entourage protested, resulting in a brawl inside the airplane.

The scuffle carried

on to the tarmac of the domestic wing of the Murtala Muhammad Airport, drawing

the attention of employee’s and other passengers.

The rapper left

without completing the performance due to the incident.

An official at

the American Embassy in Lagos confirmed the incident, but said it was not policy

to intervene in personal disputes.


he is an American citizen, he came here under a private arrangement and it is

not our business to ask him to go back. It is his decision," an Embassy

official told Nigerian newspaper The Guardian. “The decision is up to

50 Cent's management team and his sponsors.”

The Mega Jam was

staged in four Nigerian cities between December 1 and 5, 2004. Prior to the

concert, organizers said they had taken elaborate measures in terms of security,

but others questioned their choice of artist and location.

"It was still

difficult to understand what influenced the choice of 50 Cent, a gangster rapper

and Tafawa Balewa Square, a known stronghold of hoodlums," stated the Daily

Champion in a November article.

A spokesperson

for the concert, now in its 5th year, said they chose 50 Cent based on requests

from the Nigerian public, who chose this year's international star.

ADC Airlines, nor

representatives for 50 Cent were available for comment as of press time.