50 Cent Is Getting Into The Champagne Business

50 Cent will try his hand in a new business venture this year. Read more.

(AllHipHop News) Rap star 50 Cent is launching a new business, centered around one of his favorite drinks.

During a sit-down with the New York Times to promote his new movie "Den of Thieves," 50 revealed some of his plans for the new year.

"I'm launching a Champagne next year because it's my favorite drink," 50 said without revealing any more details.

The rapper has found major success in selling spirits and drinks in the past.

In July, 2017, 50 reportedly sold his shares of Effen Vodka for a reported $60 million dollars.

The rapper also earned hundreds of million dollars, when he sold his stake and vitamin water Coca-Cola in Vitamin Water in 2007.

50 did go in-depth surrounding his work schedule, including his recording process, as he works on his upcoming album sixth album, Street King Immortal.

"On most Sundays, I go into the studio to record my music and meet my producers there," 50 told The New York Times. "There are no windows so it's very easy to lose track of time. I could be there six hours and not even feel it. Right now I'm in the middle of recording my sixth album, but it's as thrilling as my first."

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Hey jt214 with the way you are standing up for him, you must have dipped his balls in your cereal before. LMAO Seriously though, this dude is a fraud with a big mouth to match his torn ego,.


RawWay damn man you sound like 50 came around and dipped his balls in your cereal or something!! lol


Literally everything this guy does is after other people have already been successful at it. Diss Ja Rule for singing then became a singing fool, Dre had Beats, he had headphones, etc. This dude is NOTHING like he came in acting. The truth is, he's a real fake dude with A LOT of mouth. Ill pass on the champagne.