50 Cent Launches G-Unit Books

50 Cent is launching

G-Unit Books with a new line of novellas, or short books featuring his G-Unit

cohorts, Pocket/MTV Books announced.

The new line of books will feature Tony Yayo, Young Buck, Lloyd

Banks and Olivia as characters in the series, which will be published in 2007.

"These tales will tell the truth about The Life; the sex,

guns and cash; the brutal highs and short lives of the players on the streets,"

Pocket/MTV Books said in a press release.

The first book in the series will be penned by Nikki Turner,

best known for “The Glamorous Life” and “A Hustler’s


Pocket/MTV Books

also published 50 Cent’s semi-autobiography, “From Pieces to Weight:

Once Upon a Time in Southside Queens,” the rapper’s version of growing

up in Southside Queens, New York.