50 Cent Makes Deal In Assault Case

50 Cent

has cut a deal with prosecutors in Springfield, Massachusetts that will help

the singer wriggle out of a possible stint in jail.

The deal, which was negotiated

today (May 13), was the result of a legal case where the Southside, Queens lyricist

was accused of assaulting a pair of women and punching another one.

In May of 2004, during a

concert at the Hippodrome in Springfield, 50 leapt from the stage into the crowd

after an unidentified individual tossed water on him.

Upon leaping into the audience,

the women were reportedly hurt.

Under the conditions of

the deal, 50 (Curtis Jackson) must not use any illegal drugs for at least two

years and also follow a judge’s strict orders.

However, if he adheres to

the terms of the deal, the charges will be dropped.

Initially, he was charged

with assault and battery for each woman.

The plea agreement was reached

in a Springfield District Court.