50 Cent On Em: 'You''ll Be Seeing Him Shortly'

The shroud of secrecy around Eminem’s forthcoming album was somewhat lifted yesterday, as label mate 50 Cent revealed the reclusive Detroit MC was hard at work on his sixth solo album.

Rumored to be titled King Mathers, 50 explained in reports that Eminem will commence with the project’s media campaign in next few months.

“You’ll be seeing him shortly. He’s working,” 50 told U.K.’s ITN News during a red carpet interview. “Even though he tries to relax and stay home it’s impossible for him to stay in.”

Fans expected the album’s release earlier this year after Dr. Dre disclosed to the Los Angeles Times in September 2007, that he was devoting two months exclusively to Eminem’s project.

Also increasing fan interest was T.I. revealing he worked with Em on a highly creative track pitting the alter egos Slim Shady and T.I.P. against each other.

However the biggest news was the Detroit superstar’s first collaboration with legendary board smith DJ Premier, who in April confirmed completion of a track entitled “Keys to the City.”

Unfortunately, according to 50 all these songs may never see the light of day due to Eminem’s perfectionist ways.

“A lot of material he wrote prior to this is being scrapped,” 50 admitted. “He’s got to feel like it’s just happened, it’s new and it’s current. That’s just how he is creatively as an artist.”

To date, the only confirmed guest for Eminem’s still officially untitled sixth album is 50 Cent.

At press time, the album is still tentatively planned for release by December 2008.