50 Cent Performance Draws Complaints

50 Cent raised eyebrows at a performance in St. Petersburg, Florida during the Urban Car Show tour, which was cosponsored by the city of St. Petersburg.The show, which drew 5,300 people, also produced numerous complaints to officials, who were bombarded with calls and e-mails about the noise and profanity.John Claude Bodziak, who organized the St. Petersburg show said that he expected profanity and threatened to cut the electricity."He [50's tour manager] told me, 'You do that and you're going to have a riot on your hands,'" Bodziak told the St. Petersburg press.As a result, the city will provide a supervisor with a noise meter to measure noise levels. Violating the city's noise ordinances could result in a $500 fine and a 60 day jail sentence.City council members want to empower the police to halt performances that use profanity, saying that they even used excessive profanity in between the songs.Other City council members said they were aware of 50 Cent and were weary of his performance, anticipated some controversy and said the next event would be screened more cautiously.Florida's obscenity laws are difficult to enforce, as it apply's to spoken words or concerts.