50 Cent Planning Dietary Supplement Business

AllHipHop Staff

As the release date approaches for his much delayed 4th LP Before I Self-Destruct, mogul 50 Cent has plans to diversify his multi-million dollar portfolio with a new dietary supplement.

In 2007, 50 first spoke of the possible business venture, stating his interest at that time stemmed from an upcoming role as a boxer in the Nicholas Cage film The Dance.

This year, the G Unit leader finally feels the market is ready for such a product. "Right now, I'm interested in dietary supplements," 50 told the NY Daily News. "I'll be coming up with something very soon."

Although the Queens native disclosed that the project is close to completion, 50 cryptically declined to elaborate on further details. "I can't tell you what it would be called," 50 stated. "I'd be blowing the big launch party!"

The rapper/mogul also admitted that after the phenomenal success of his debut Get Rich or Die Tryin', he became more concerned with brand development than musical output.

"When [my career] blew up, I developed the Diddy syndrome," 50 explained. "As soon as you develop the Diddy syndrome, you put a little more grease in your hair, and soon enough, you're selling cologne."

50's latest single, the Dr. Dre produced "I Get It In," was released on January 15.

At press time, Before I Self Destruct is now tentatively set to drop in March 2009.