50 Cent Posts Picture With Transgendered Man Just To Make Fun Of Young Buck

50's trolling of his own artist is just getting worse.

(AllHipHop News) 50 Cent is ramping up his ruthless attacks on Young Buck and the Nashville rapper's sexuality.

50 has been calling out his debtors via social media in recent weeks, publicly shaming TV producer Randall Emmett, actor Jackie Long, his Power co-star/singer Rotimi and Tony Yayo.

50 has also been going after Young Buck, claiming he helped to support the rapper for years after the Tennessee native failed to take care of his accounts.

The rapper posted a picture of himself posing with a transgendered man, and dissed Young Buck, who is also in the picture, and obviously uncomfortable taking the flick.


Earlier this week Fif also posted video footage of a 2018 interview Buck conducted with New York radio show "The Breakfast Club," during which he admitted he had made a mess of his finances after finding fame, and had no idea he had to pay taxes on tour income.

In the caption to the clip, 50 wrote, "I gave this fool the money man, he spent it. I paid his taxes all his legal fees."


He then goes on to claim his ex-friend turned his back on 50 last year after the star criticized Buck for becoming romantically involved with a transgender woman.

"then he got caught with a tranny, and said f##k you 50," the rap mogul continued. "NO F##K YOU, PUNK A## N##GA."

50 then called on Buck to hand over $300,000 to officially release him from his contract with G-Unit.